Job Postings

POSITION:  Statewide Intake Coordinator/Family Advocate

REPORTS TO:  Executive Director of the CAC


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Under the supervision of the Program Supervisor, and in coordination with the Multidisciplinary Team, Statewide Intake Coordinator/ Family Advocate is responsible for providing support services to the child victims and their non-offending family members, as well as reviewing all incoming notifications of child abuse and a CAC / MDT’s Working Protocols.


     State Wide Intake Coordinator

  • Receives report information from Department of Family and Protective Services regarding intake case via email / fax.
  • Facilitating dialogue with Children’s Protective Services and Law Enforcement Investigators related to identification of cases in need of forensic interviews, joint investigations, and case review.
  • Coordination investigations and forensic interviews by reaching out to CPS, and Law Enforcement to schedule interviews and /or add a case for discussion during case staffing’s.
  • Initiating the process for more in-depth review or reports.
  • Coordinating between law enforcement, CPS, and the forensic interviewers at the CAC when scheduling forensic interviews.
  • Making contact with appropriate Children’s Protective Services and Law Enforcement Investigators to facilitate initiation of joint investigation.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Family Advocate

  • Greets child victims and their families / non-offending caregivers upon their arrival at the Children’s Advocacy Center.
  • Assist non-offending caregivers with filling out intake paperwork, explaining the process of an interview, and explaining their rights as victims.
  • Performs a mini-assessment of the families’ unmet needs and make the necessary referrals to other social services depending on the families’ express needs
  • Acts as an advocate for child victims and their non-offending family members by providing support and following up services through phone calls and letters in the appropriate time frames.
  • Assists forensic interviewers with camera and equipment set up as necessary
  • Assists families with gathering information for filing out Crime Victim’s Compensation paperwork and following up on the completion and filing of such paperwork
  • Maintains communication with forensic interviewers regarding cases that are going to court in order to re-establish contact with families to engage them in the CAC’s court room preparation services.
  • Speaks with non-offending caregivers about the availability of the CAC mental health services to all children, educates them about the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model for sexually abused children, and make the referral for therapy if the family expresses a desire to engage in therapy.  Explains that therapy services are free of charge at the CAC.
  • Provides referrals for medical evaluations (if recommended by the MDT) and explains the process, payment, and location of the exams.  Explains that medical evaluations are available to all clients regardless of ability to pay.
  • Provides referral for other social services and enters any follow-up information in our case-tracking system.
  • Provides follow-up phone calls to families who access services at the CAC.  Any cases that were ruled out do not need follow-up phone calls.    Follow-up phone calls will take place at two weeks, one month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, 18 months, and 2 years after the CAC interview for all other cases.  If the FA is assisting the family with CVC or referrals the calls may be more frequent.
  • Assists and participates with all other CAC staff in scheduling and presenting educational / awareness activities for community organizations, service clubs, and/or any other organization wishing to schedule an opportunity of education.
  • Provides support to mental health staff in areas such as family contact, evaluation and outcome measurement.
  • Provides support to the PRCAC in such areas as the collection and storage of data and in-house evaluation.
  • Establishing and maintaining open communication and healthy relationships with all partner agency representatives, CAC Forensic Interviewers, family advocates, and medical/mental health providers.


  • Possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.  Relevant work experience while working towards a bachelor’s degree will also be considered.
  • Must have telephone, reliable transportation, and possess a current Texas Driver’s License or State issued ID.
  • Ability to pass a criminal history check, background check and a CPS registry check
  • Knowledge of community resources

Special Abilities and Knowledge

  • Experience with diverse cultures, languages, and situations.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Experience working with children and families in crisis
  • Knowledge of an experience in working with child abuse issues.
  • Ability to organize a variety of tasks and deal with a variety of people
  • Excellent telephone skills
  • Possess computer skills
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) abilities highly desirable but not required
  • Possess ability to collaborate and interact well with Team members from a various discipline such as law enforcement, medical health, Child Protective Services, and prosecutors
  • Attends court trials as needed to provide support to the families that have accessed CAC services